Palestinian Resistance and Revolutionary Left

“Transnational Relationships between the Italian Revolutionary Left and Palestinian Militants during the Cold War,” Journal of Cold War Studies, Vol. 22, No. 4 (Fall 2020): 31–70

This paper analyzes the transnational relationships between the Italian revolutionary left and the Palestinian resistance, during the period 1967–1982. Such connections are frequently recalled to explain the magnitude of Italian terrorism. However, given a lack of empirical research, they remain a puzzle. Based on documentary sources and original interviews with protagonists, the article sheds light on this phenomenon by addressing four questions. First, the reception of the Palestinian cause within the Italian revolutionary left. Second, the way through which Palestinian militancy established roots in Italy and how the political context facilitated it. Third, the interactions between Italian and Palestinian militants both in Italy and in the Middle-East. Fourth, the factors that strengthened the relationships and those that inhibited a total approach. Overall, the paper argues that such ties were more sought after than extensively practiced. As a consequence, they may have encouraged radicalization, but did not significantly foster violence and terrorism.

Full text: falciola_2020_journal cold war studies

Review: steinhoff review


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