Palestinian Diaspora in Italy

(2022) “Studenti senza terra: la diaspora palestinese in Italia, tra solidarietà, politica e violenza,” Mediterranea–ricerche storiche 19, no. 54: 69–104

Since the late 1960s, a significant segment of the Palestinian diaspora settled in
Italy, becoming part of the social and political fabric of the country. While historiography has
tackled this subject only marginally, geopolitical questions and the tragedies of political violence
have commanded much scholarly attention, thus clouding our understanding of a multifaceted
phenomenon. In particular, the reasons that drove thousands of young Palestinians to choose
Italy, the dynamics of reception and integration, the materiality of the Palestinian life in a country such as Italy, and the tangible effects of the political framework on the diaspora are still
unexplored. This paper seeks to examine these issues in depth, drawing both on archival
sources and on a series of interviews with Palestinian migrants who relocated to Italy in that
period. Ultimately, the research demonstrates that Italy, for more than twenty years, represented a safe haven and a supportive country for Palestinians.

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